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E-Commerce solutions

ignite iT can help boost your sales through E-Commerce Looking for a boost in your sales? Setting up an E-Commerce site is the perfect way to do this. Over the last year, E-Commerce sales have increased by 27% and economists predict that it will continue to increase at a very high rate. With ignite iT solutions, you can open your business up to the world and reap the benefits. We can do as little or as much as your business needs, leaving you to concentrate on more important things.

The E-Commerce breakthrough

Public confidence in using the internet to buy goods has grown and grown. Major players like Amazon, Ebay, M&S and almost every retailer you can think of offer an E-commerce option, and the success of these sites has encouraged confidence in the whole process. Undoubtedly people are more willing to buy on the internet.

If your web site is not "E-Commerce enabled", however good your product, you can be sure you will lose sales because your possible buyer has to jump through a few more hoops such as ringing up (E-Commerce is 24/7 and 365/365). Printing out an order form, filling it in, calculating postage writing out a cheque (once theyíve found a cheque book) writing out an envelope, finding a stamp, and then remembering to post the letter. Compare this to a couple of clicks for a secure online credit card order.

Successful custom ecommerce development demands many things : clear goals, expert skills, good project management and effective communication being just a few ingredients.

These must all be found within your budget. It's no easy feat to ensure these first aspects, let alone juggle them within a limited budget.

Ignite iT have many year's experience with custom ecommerce projects of varying scale. Whatever your requirements, whether you prefer 'stock' solution or a fully-tailored custom solution, you can be sure we'll deliver only what you NEED.

Ignite iT have extensive experience with all the main payment gateways including WorldPay, Protx, 2checkout and PayPal!

We aim to save you money whilst ensuring your custom ecommerce project is in the hands of the right people and delivered on time.

How will it work and what will it cost?

"Doing" E-Commerce is not as difficult or expensive a business as you may have been led to believe. Ignite iT has developed a number of E-commerce sites on behalf of clients, including adding online sales to existing sites.

The process depends on how involved you want to be, you could simply supply a list of products, descriptions and photographs which we add to your website. We will take you through the process of setting up a system for collecting money and being advised of orders placed and set up a "Shopping Cart" for you. You need a UK Bank Account, not necessarily a Business Account, and we can help with the rest.

Once your web visitor has decided to buy what you are selling they can turn their decision into an order immediately. You get an e-mail alert when someone pays you and you send off the order. Itís all very straightforward.

If you want more control, you can take it one step further and have us develop a full content management system for you which will allow you to add products, set special offers, and updates prices through a secure admin panel. See our content management section for more details.


When you are first starting up, you may not have an Internet Merchant Account. An Internet Merchant Account allows you to use payment services like Protx and WorldPay. If you havenít sold online before, you can start your E-Commerce site up using PayPal which is one of the best free payment services available.

ignite iT can take the sting out of setting up your E-commerce site PayPal will charge you 26p (0.35€) per transaction plus a fixed percentage of the order value, which reduces according to the amount of monthly sales. This percentage starts at 3.4% and can go as low as 1.9% if you are turning over more £75,500 (100,000€). This compares very favourably with any other way of collecting funds, and your buyers do not need to have a PayPal account. PayPal also charges a small amount (25p) to transfer from PayPal to your bank account. This charge only applies if you transfer less than £50.00. If your customers are regular shoppers on the internet, or are familiar with Ebay, they will more than likely already have a PayPal account.

If you expect monthly sales in excess of £5,715 (see table below) it would be worth investing in an Internet Merchant Account. These are usually obtained from the bank who supplies your regular Merchant Account. As an example, an Internet Merchant Account with HSBC bank costs £200 per month. However, when you have an Internet Merchant Account, you can use payment services like Protx. Protx will only charge you a 20p per transaction fee and the money is deposited immediately into your bank account. Protx also offers further facilities like taking payments over the phone, creating deferred payments and creating reoccurring payments.

Below is a table showing the benefits of each service (based on a typical transaction value of £10).

Montly Income: £1,000£5,000£5,715£15,000£50,000
No. Transactions: 10050057115005000
PayPal: £60.00£275.00£314.20£795.00£2,500.00
Protx: £220.00£300.00£314.20£500.00£1,200.00

So that's the costs of selling from your web site. The other cost is to upgrade your web site. This is rather like "how long is a piece of string" but as a rough guide a basic E-Commerce solution will cost around £500+vat. Each case varies but as you can see it is not prohibitive.

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